Stacey Steers: Films & Installations

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 "In her handmade films, Stacey Steers works to undercut cultural biases in film representation and to return agency and independence to historic portrayals of women. She experiments with and pioneers new forms of animation in the surrealist tradition, using footage in a novel way to create provocative narratives. Steers selects sequences from early cinematic sources, prints and frames and recontextualizes the action, allowing the 'story' assembled from appropriated images to evolve over time. She inserts her actors into newly-imagined environments with fragments of 19th century engravings and illustrations, creating thousands of collages. They are photographed in sequence on an Oxberry animation stand using a Mitchell 35mm camera. Every second of screen time is comprised of up to eight distinct collages. Each film took at least five years to complete. 

Since 2006, Steers has expanded her work to include collaborative installations that join three-dimensional sculptural elements with film loops, creating an interactive context for experiencing her films. These installations extend the metaphorical power of the films and compound their resonance in surprising ways."