Journal Kit


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Handmade kit with tools for you to create, connect and change through:

• Handmade paper-free recycled journal with traditional design (exterior color will vary)
• Natural neem pencil
• Hand-embroidered intention pouch (includes a message of love which can be changed)
• Instruction card
• Reusable cotton cloth bag with hand-painted & hand-stitched logo

Journaling is known to have infinite benefits for mental health, and this sacred personal container for expression can hold both words and images to reflect your inner world. Prompts are included to help you get started on the journey to know your inner voice, and connect to your deeper truth. Our intention pouch keepsake allows you to keep a grounded focus while exploring your wishes, dreams, fears, fantasies and the rich depths of your psyche.


Sankalpa is a powerful Sanskrit word meaning intention, affirmation, resolution, determination and willpower. This name guided the journey through pioneering challenges to manifest this dream.Creativity is a common and unifying force between all cultures, and the Sankalpa art center found its place in the International Zone of Auroville, within walking distance to nearby villages and central Auroville. Today the art center is actively hosting a variety of individual and group expressive art therapy sessions for all ages and backgrounds, workshops, trainings, collaborations and much more! Proceeds from art kits benefit the organization and the individuals who put them together!