Cute Dog Compliment


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For that person who is always showing you photos of their dog who is definitely cute but damn, you are reminded of it all the time. Who leaves parties early because "it's puppies dinner time" and you think, "that is such a good excuse." Who takes their dog with them everywhere but you don't mind because let's face it, dogs are just the best. You love them for it, we love them for it.

Ribbon says: Your dog is cute, hilarious, and a true shining star. Just like you. 

 Product photos & description by Kind & Funny 

Denver, CO. Kind & Funny believes that  "The only thing better than receiving a compliment is GIVING one". Through compliments ribbons, Kind & Funny spreads light, levity, laughs and love in order to make the Earth a better place because being nice to people can actually change the world.