Fantastic At Leaving Parties Early Without Anyone Noticing Compliment Ribbon


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Tell me right now you don’t know exactly who you’re going to give this ribbon to. You know them. They have made the Irish goodbye their signature trademark and listen, you love them for it. You are confident in your friendship with them and know they hold you, and bedtime, in high regard. They are true to themselves, they don’t give a hoot about small talk, but love real talk, and when it’s time to leave, they bounce. It’s time to acknowledge your mad respect for these people and give them this ribbon.

They will use it as their favorite bookmark or hang it in their closet as a proud reminder that they are rad for just being them.

Ribbon says: You are smart and capable and fantastic at leaving parties early without anyone noticing.

Product photos & description by Kind & Funny 


Denver, CO. Kind & Funny believes that  "The only thing better than receiving a compliment is GIVING one". Through compliments ribbons, Kind & Funny spreads light, levity, laughs and love in order to make the Earth a better place because being nice to people can actually change the world.