Henna Kit


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Handmade art kit which includes these tools to adorn your own body:

• 1 mehndi (henna) cone, allergy-tested and including only natural ingredients
• Henna leaf keepsake
• Scrap of reclaimed fabric
• Instruction card filled with traditional henna design inspiration
• Reusable cotton cloth bag with hand-painted & hand-stitched logo

When first offering art therapy sessions to local youth in south India over 10 years ago, the use of familiar art media included henna with personally meaningful symbols. A process reclaiming tradition and restoring meaning was developed, which has now been shared around the world for many individuals to deepen their relationship to their body, to self-care, to symbols, to adornment and an impermanent yet empowering ritual.


Sankalpa is a powerful Sanskrit word meaning intention, affirmation, resolution, determination and willpower. This name guided the journey through pioneering challenges to manifest this dream.Creativity is a common and unifying force between all cultures, and the Sankalpa art center found its place in the International Zone of Auroville, within walking distance to nearby villages and central Auroville. Today the art center is actively hosting a variety of individual and group expressive art therapy sessions for all ages and backgrounds, workshops, trainings, collaborations and much more! Proceeds from art kits benefit the organization and the individuals who put them together!