Kevin Pourier Art Puzzle

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Monarch Buffalo Horn Cup (detail) by Kevin Pourier

1,000 piece puzzle.

"On this buffalo horn cup, Kevin Pourier (Oglala Lakota) depicts monarch butterflies with careful attention to detail. Much of Pourier’s work features monarch and swallowtail butterflies, which represent reassurance from his Ancestors as he follows his traditions. As one of the few Native artists today working with buffalo horn, Pourier creates his designs by carving and inlaying the horn with mostly local materials such as sandstone and pipestone. The space between each butterfly is filled with precisely carved patterns, creating a textural contrast between the butterflies and the surrounding negative space. Close observation also reveals color variations within the buffalo horn itself." - Wahani Puzzles

Puzzle image is printed on matte linen paper to reduce glare and has a sturdy blue board backing. Completed puzzle measures 19.25in x 26.635in. Made in the USA.


Wahani Puzzles began when, Singer Horse Capture a member of the A'aniiih (ah-ah-nee) tribe of Northern Montana, started puzzling more during COVID-19 quarenteens. Singer imagined what it would be like to do a puzzle that she related to -- one that represented Native art and culture. So Wahani Puzzles was created and now gives visibility to contemporary art that is often left out of the art historical canon.