Plant Wizard Compliment Ribbon


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They’ve named them, they've Instagramed their newest addition, and they’ve probably encouraged you to get them too. Yep, they're your favorite plant people. They need this ribbon. They deserve this ribbon. They would love this ribbon. They will showcase this ribbon as beloved desk decor or they will frame it and put it on their most treasured plant shelf and look at it fawningly in the afternoon sun as they sing to their plants.

Add this to your compliment Rolodex so you always have something at your desk to give to your boss on her birthday which you forgot about until the day of.

Ribbon says: So proud of you for taking care of your plants. You're a wizard.

Product photos & description by Kind & Funny 


Denver, CO. Kind & Funny believes that  "The only thing better than receiving a compliment is GIVING one". Through compliments ribbons, Kind & Funny spreads light, levity, laughs and love in order to make the Earth a better place because being nice to people can actually change the world.