Syrup Mixers


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Large bottle mixers great for cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. Jazz up any drink with these natural, low-sugar, botanical syrups!  Each 16 oz bottle makes 16-32 cocktails, or nearly one gallon of finished, full-strength soda.

Citrus-Passion Mixer: This syrup has a delicate blend of passion fruit, key lime, and blood orange making it the perfect refreshing syrup to add to your favorite soda water and liquors alike. Mixes well with Rum, Vodka, Gin, Tequila and Bourbon.

Ginger Mixer: A premium small-batch syrup brewed by hand in Oregon with seasonally-selected whole ingredients and natural sweeteners. The classic Ginger syrup makes a perfectly balanced Moscow Mule. Mixes well with Vodka, Gin, Bourbon, Tequila and Rum--or mix with sparkling water for a bold summer drink! 

Mango Habanero Mixer: Bursting with the sweet heat, this flavor is rounded out with notes of lemon-lime and bergamot orange. It is delicious added to sparkling water or your favorite herbal tea as well as the base of your vodka, gin or mezcal cocktails.

Root Beer Mixer: This all-natural root beer syrup is brewed with genuine sarsaparilla root and hand-crushed, toasted spices. It is sweetened with cane sugars and molasses. The warming spices match beautifully with bourbons and rums, and the star anise works well with absinthe. Mixes well with Bourbon, Rum, and Aquavit.

Marionberry Mixer: Combination of sweet marionberry with tart and punchy blackberry creating a dynamic, fruity flavor. Water infused with basil and lemongrass lend an herbaceous quality to the syrup, rounding it out to be the bright and bold flavor that completes vodka, rum, bourbon. 


Portland Oregon. Portland Syrups is a cocktail and soda syrup company that specializes in small batch, low-sugar mixers using whole botanical ingredients. Produced with locally sourced, all-natural ingredients with zero additives, artificial ingredients, and preservatives.