Vegan Hot Cocoa


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This Vegan Hot Cocoa is creamy in ways a beverage toting only 6 grams of organic coconut sugar shouldn’t be. Call it brown magic... or maybe it’s depth comes from the organic raw cacao powder, not to be mistaken for it’s less celebrated, distant cousin, processed dutch cocoa powder. Raw cacao is high in iron, zinc, potassium, and fiber and has a reputation for its antioxidants. Chock-full of magnesium, a nutrient most of us are deficient in, it’s said to promote relaxation and restful sleep. Hot Cocoa before bed anyone??


Bend, Oregon: Not everyone can start their day with a steamy cup o’ joe. Some of us suffer deleterious effects from the caffeine and acidity. Couple that tragedy with the lack of health conscious hot cocoa and latte anything mixes and we’re left with sad, empty mugs to catch our trickling tears. IndiWYLD was created with that thirsty bunch in mind. Cry no more, you can have it all.