Ophelia Setting Clips


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A four pack of multicolored setting clips. Start them off in your morning and beauty routine and keep them in for the rest of the day. These colorful cuties are suitable for all hair types, Great for taming bangs and fly-aways.
* Measures ~2.4" long and ~0.75" tall
* Made from cellulose acetate and nickel-free + tested hardware
* Proudly and responsibly made in Jinhua, China
* Slight variations in color or pattern may occur due to the nature of the acetate production.

Photos by Chunks. 

Seattle, WA. Tiffany Ju is the owner and artist behind Chunks. All hair accessories are made from acetate, which is a highly durable, plant-based material with a much shorter life span than typical plastics and acrylics. All acetate remnants are recycled into new acetate material. The metal hardware is plated and nickel free! "Chunks designs are inspired by my passion for colors, kulture and trends, nostalgic feelings and art like the Memphis design movement."

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